Cell Group Notes

Cell GroupsThese notes are provided as example questions during the Word section of your cell group meeting.

The Resentful Elder Brother


Luke 15:11-25


w/c 13th September 2020


1. Discuss what the parable tells us about the three main characters, the two sons and the Father, and what Jesus was teaching us about lost sinners, self-righteous Pharisees, and God the Father, as a result. (remember the context – Luke 15:2)

2. In what ways do you identify with the younger brother, or the elder brother? Why? Share some examples.

3. Do you agree with Alan when he said that “there is something of the elder brother in all of us”? Why or why not?

4. The Elder Brother is an example of outward conformity without inner conviction. When it comes to issues today where there is an increasing expectation to outwardly conform to a “politically correct” viewpoint, what is your viewpoint? How do you respond? (Leaders note: Ensure this does not simply degenerate into a rant or a political discussion from individuals with strong views on specific issues, but a genuine concern to apply Biblical truth in a loving and sincere manner!)